So you are selling clothes online? Here are seven design trends to use when you sell online

If you are an online entrepreneur, you must have a website. You can use your website for credibility purposes, or you can sell your products directly from your website. But no matter what purpose you are using your website for, in the end, they all come down to one big thing. Selling!

Your website must be able to sell your products or services. However, for your website to sell your products or services, you must be able to use some website designs. Different websites trends occur year after year. The truth is that keeping up with these website trends is very exhausting.

So in this note, I decided to give seven website designs that would make you sell clothes faster online. Let’s dive in.

  1. Fresh looking design. People will evaluate your business through your website. If your website is looking outdated and old, there is every possibility that people won’t buy your products or services. If you are selling clothes, your website should look very fun, stylish, and beautiful.

  1. High quality and big picture. We are humans; we are visual creatures. What does that mean? It means that almost 90% of all our information is communicated through our eyes. It is not wrong to say that “our eyes are the window to our soul.” You should make sure that every picture on your website is big and clear. People will decide to buy from you based on what they see. Don’t mistake of putting low quality and small pictures on your website. For instance, you are selling clothes online; you can add high quality of different beautiful clothes.

  1. You should have contact form in the top half of your website. The top half of your website is the first area people see when they visit your website. Most of your website visitors will look at this area and decide if they plan to stay or leave. That is why it is important that you place contact form in the top half of your website.

  1. Social handles with following and activity visible on your site. When checking your website, they look for two things; a reason to should trust your business, and a reason not to. The best way to make your customers trust you and your business is by having your social media handles on your site. When a customer sees this, it will build a level of trust in them. Your customer would be able to follow you on your social networks. They will also be able to contact you easily.